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Explore, gather, learn, craft and build in the world of Avani: The Primal Land. Avani offers a unique crafting system combined with a huge skill tree and an intuitive building system mixed with traditional survival game elements.

Build your home, upgrade your tools or simply explore. Learn new skills and new technologies to advance or just relax in your self built home.

Avani: The Primal Land has been in development since the 25th of February 2019 and is now in Early Access!

In Avani's unique crafting system you will have to learn the crafting recipes first. There is no mindless leveling to unlock recipes, but creative and logical thinking.

Join our Discord Server to actively take decisions on the future of Avani, to provide feedback or chat directly with the developers!

Discord: https://discord.gg/nY3f7BT

As of now it is still unclear how the future of Avani will look. There are many ideas for future features(gardening/farming, creatures, electricity, mass production, more building options, more materials), but we want to wait for feedback before we promise features. It's your chance to shape the future of Avani, join our Discord and influence the future of Avani yourself! https://discord.gg/nY3f7BT

How to help

We are glad that you like Avani and want to help us! We still have many plans to extend Avani and we need your help! If you can help directly with development(modeling, sound, music, programming) - great! But even if you can't directly help with development you can still help us with the project! Share Avani with your friends and help us grow a community!

Developed by:

PowerOfCreation "Niklas Werner" - Programming

ДMinorStorm - Modeling, Graphics


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It hink I've run into a bug.  i started over and went to add a stone to make an axe but it wont create it.  I add the stone and I press to make the axe but it doesn't make it.  I tried starting over a 3rd time and the same thing happened.   

Hello Selexa,

thanks for taking your time to report a bug! I tried reproducing the issue you described, but I couldn't spot any issues with the crafting. This is what I did: I gathered a stone and branches. Then I crafted myself some fiber and learned the "Tools" skill and selected the axe. After dragging a stone on the red question mark as well as fiber on the next question mark I was able to learn the recipe. After double clicking the axe preview I crafted the Axe without issues.  Did you do something differently or did I misunderstood your issue? On our store page you can see this video showing the process, which part is not working for you?

I hope my description and this video can help narrow down the issue! Thanks for playing our game and hopefully there won't be any further issues!

Have a great day :)

thank you, i think I might have been missing a step.

Don't hesitate to contact us again if you have any suggestions or encounter any further issues! By the way we added a video to the ingame tutorial to make it easier to understand for other new players.

Have fun playing Avani :)

I have a small suggestion because this was confusing not knowing this.  Please show in a number how many skill points we have to spend.  It keeps telling me I've gained some (4 I think) but it wont let me take the campfire thing.  It shows 2 in red for that circle so I thought I had enough.  Maybe I'm miss understanding how it works.  Help please.

Hello Selexa,

we hope you still had fun playing Avani despite the issue that you described. We appreciate that you took your time to give us feedback :). 

There are two types of skill nodes. Categories and the ones that you need to craft recipes like the campfire. When you craft something you gain skillpoints for the category the recipe is part of. When you want to learn a new recipe you can only use the earned skillpoints in that category and not from different categories. Often you will not be able to learn a recipe completely but just put like one point into it. As soon as you did that you can go to the crafting menu and select the recipe that you spent a point into it. You can now try to guess the remaining ingredients by dragging them into the red questionmark area.

We get that this might be confusing but we are trying our best to improve upon the tutorial to make this easier to understand.

If you're unable to learn a recipe despite having skill points in the category the recipe is part of then the reason for that is, that a different recipe needs to be learned first. There is no message (yet!) that tells you this. It will just obstruct you from learning the recipe.

Sorry, if that caused the confusing!

The red number on a recipe indeed tells you the amount of missing skill points/ingredients.

We hope you still enjoyed Avani and we could help with the confusion :) Feel free to join our discord to chat with us directly and have a great day!

thank you.

cooles Konzept. hoffe es kommen noch mehr Inhalte XD

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Fun little game. Looking forward to further updates!